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Quick tips on how to use Google Workspace Tools and Apps effectively

While Google Workspace tools are easy to use, familiarizing yourself with the available training resources and certifications provided by Google can help you and your team to get the best out of each tool, maximize their effectiveness and keep your team updated on new features. 


  • As a business owner, using Google Drive allows you to easily store documents, images etc. and locate them on time without much hassle.

  • With Labels and filters, a feature of Gmail, emails are automatically organized, and the "Priority Inbox" feature allows users to focus on important messages.

  • Google Calendar can be used to effectively colour-code events for easy categorization. Set reminders and notifications for important events, and share calendars with team members for better coordination.

  • Google Meet can be effectively used to schedule meetings directly from Google Calendar. Its features also allow for the recording of meetings for future reference and sharing. The breakout rooms can be used for smaller group discussions. 

  • For surveys and opinion polls, Google Forms is the right tool to be used. It is beneficial for the easy creation and distribution of surveys, real-time tracking and analysis of responses.

When it comes to creating a website you do not necessarily need to break the bank, with Google Sites your website can be created as you have options of exploring various themes and layouts to fit your vision

How to choose the right Google Workspace Tools and Apps

  •  Identify Business Requirements: It is important to carefully reassess your organization's demands, procedures, and collaboration preferences when selecting the right tool. consider the nature of your business, the size of your team, and other requirements.

  • Collaboration Needs: Understand team collaboration needs by evaluating how work together and communicate. Also, users should consider the types of documents and files that need to be shared and edited collaboratively, then you can figure out what tools you should be working with.

  •  Communication: considering factors such as messaging, video conferencing, and email. tools like Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Meet will meet these demands. If your team is scattered all over a geographical location, this is a very ideal form of communication.

  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: Another factor to consider is the seamless integration of the Google Workspace tools with other software. This cuts the budget of getting different software to perform operational functions and ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow across different applications.

  • Consider Scalability: Choose tools that can scale with your business as you grow. Ensure that the selected applications can accommodate growth in users, data, and collaborative needs.

  •  Security and Compliance: Another factor to consider is security and data management. Google Workspace offers data security for its users by protecting users' data through all forms of security measures, including two-way authentication and password security measures that prevent users from losing their accounts to theft or other forms of online schemes.

  • Cost: When deciding on Google Workspace tools for your organization, cost needs to be a key consideration. Take into account features, support, and scalability. 

For businesses in Nigeria, FOUND offers a unique cost-saving advantage. By enabling payment in Naira for Google Workspace, we eliminate the complications associated with dollar conversions. This localized approach can significantly reduce your subscription fees, making it more budget-friendly.


In this digital age, staying productive as a business owner is a necessity. So, whether you're a small business owner or CEO of a  large-scale business, Familiarize yourself and your team with Google Workspace tools and applications. This is your path to streamlined workflows, collaboration, and enhanced productivity.

 Are you interested in using Google Workspace to grow your company? Register here. Please don't hesitate to contact us by email at if you have any inquiries or need further explanation.

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