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How to Choose a Google Workspace Plan for Your Business

Among all varieties of productivity and collaboration tools, Google Workspace with its wide range of features and affordable pricing has stood out and established itself as a popular indispensable tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

The software, like many others, provides an array of options of plans for its users. But with many options, how do you make the right choice for your operations as a business owner? This guide aims to equip you with valuable insights to facilitate your decision-making process.

Whether you are a small business owner or a large organization, read on to learn more about choosing the right Google Workspace plan and how it can boost your productivity by up to 70%. 

Understanding Your Business Needs

Before deciding on what plan to choose, it is important to take time out and evaluate your business requirements. Consider various factors like team size, storage, budget, security, etc. This is the first step to finding an ideal Google Workspace plan. For a business with a small team seeking basic functionality, Business Starter will do just fine, larger organizations with advanced needs usually opt for the Business Standard or the Business Plus.

Our team understands that cost is a major factor for businesses just starting out, but we advise that you look beyond it and focus on the amazing benefits each plan offers. An investment in a suitable plan, compatible with your budget guarantees increased productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. Every plan you choose grows with you as your business scales up. You also have the option to upgrade as you expand.

What Google Workspace Plans are available? 

Google Workspace offers flexible monthly plans, see the table below 

Google Workspace Plan

Google Workspace Features

Google Workspace Business Starter

  • Custom email

  • 1-300 users

  • Collaborations tools

  • Video meetings with up to 100 participants

  • 30 GB pooled storage per user

  • Security features

  • Standard support

Google Workspace Business Standard 

  • Custom email

  • 1-300 users

  • Collaborations tools

  • Video meetings with up to 150 participants + Recording

  • 2 TB pooled storage per user

  • Security features

  • Standard support

Google Workspace Business Plus

  • Custom email

  • 1-300 users

  • Collaboration tools

  • Video meetings with up to 500 participants + recording attendance

  • 5 TB pooled storage per user

  • Enhanced security features

  • Standard support

Google Workspace plans share common features like collaboration tools and the number of users. However, the differences lie in storage limits, security features, and advanced controls. 

How much does the Google Workspace Plan cost?

At FOUND, all Google Workspace services can be purchased in Naira. Check our price list.

You can also save 20% on an annual Google Workspace subscription by signing up through FOUND.

Want to learn more about Google Workspace and get answers to your questions? Check out our comprehensive FAQ guide.

Ready to make your choice? Visit the FOUND website to explore the available Google Workspace plans or consult with one of our technical officers for more personalized guidance.

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