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Essential Things to Consider When Creating a Professional Email as a business owner in Nigeria

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

According to Oberlo, 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention. As a business owner, the importance of a professional business email cannot be overemphasized, it is the key to establishing a credible presence in the business world.

When an email drops in the recipient’s inbox, they are immediately drawn to the email address of the sender before anything else. It is at this crucial moment that trust is established or questioned, and then the recipient decides on the email.

To ensure you create a proper professional email address, we carefully compiled a list of essential considerations to guide you on this journey. Let’s delve right into it.

Essential Things to Consider When Creating a Professional Email as a business owner

Create a memorable domain name:

This is an important step in creating a business email. Choose a domain name that is easily identifiable by your customers and effectively communicates what your brand entails. If you own a food delivery company, a name like: “” easily communicates what you are about compared to “” which looks tacky and fails to capture your brand professionally.

Avoid numbers and special characters

One of the characteristics of a professional business email is simplicity. Keep it simple, let it be void of numbers, hyphens, and other special characters. All you need are letters and words to make it easy to understand and remember.

Trial and error

The perfect business email sometimes isn’t easy to find. You may be required to test out different email addresses to find the one that gives you the right conversions and clicks when reaching out to clients. In some cases, your desired domain name may already be in use by another brand, this is where you need to get creative by either adding one or two more words or using a synonym to replace that word.

Maintain consistency

Considering the future growth of your business, your choice of business mail should not only reflect your current brand identity but also have the flexibility to accommodate future expansions and developments. In years to come your business email should still resonate with what your brand is so you don’t worry about switching to another business email to align with your brand.

Keep Your Email Signature Simple

When setting up your email signature, keep it clean and concise. Include relevant information such as your name, job title, contact details, and any necessary links, but avoid overwhelming recipients with excessive details so your brand does not look amateurish.

Choose a Reliable Email Service Provider

create a professional email with our detailed step-by-step guide, or we can help you create one in less than 15 minutes when you sign up here.

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