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Google Workspace Email Sending Limits: Tips to Avoid Suspension

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In the world of communication, email still stands as one of the major cornerstones of business and personal interactions. However, observing proper email etiquette within the guidelines of email service providers can be a daunting task.

Ever been faced with a situation where your email simply bounces back, or worse, lands in the spam folder? In today's blog, we are going to learn about email-sending limits in Google Workspace and how to navigate them.

What is the Email sending limit you may ask? In Google Workspace this is a situation whereby there is a maximum number or limit to which a user or domain can send emails within a period. It also refers to the temporary restriction or ban placed on a Gmail user for sending emails to others within a specified period.

The specified period during which users are unable to send emails after reaching their limits is usually 24 hours. For example, if you reach the limit at 6 pm on Tuesday, you will not be able to send emails until 6 pm, on Wednesday. The limits are reactivated after 24 hours.

What are the Google Workspace Email-Sending Limits?

Google Workspace email-sending limits can vary depending on your type of account and subscription level. While the free Gmail users have a limit of 500 individual emails per day, Google Workspace accounts have a limit of 2,000 emails per day. These limits are listed below:

  • Free Gmail Edition: 500 emails per day.

  • Google Workspace Business Edition: 2000 emails per day.

  •  Enterprise and Education editions: 2000 emails per day.

Google Workspace does not have a published hourly sending limit. However, the hourly sending limits are typically a fraction of the daily limits. For example, free Gmail users may have an hourly limit of 100 emails.

While business or paid edition users may send up to 500 emails per hour, Google doesn't officially publish per-minute sending limits. However, the limits are distributed throughout the day based on the daily and hourly allowances.

The number of recipients per message is the same as the number of email-sending limits in Google Workspace. That is, 500 external recipients per message for the free Google account user and 2000 recipients per message for Google Workspace and Google for  Education users. 

Google did not explicitly state a maximum number of attachments per message when sending an email. Instead, the extent of size is used. The extent of size per message, according to Google, is 25 MB per email.

This allows users to upload as many files that are not beyond 25 MB as attachments to their messages. However, if the size of 25 MB is exceeded, files uploaded will be saved to Google Drive, and recipients will be required to use a link to access such files or attachments. Read more.

Why are Google Workspace Email Sending Limits important?

  1. Effective Email Planning and Scalability: Being aware of email-sending limits in Google Workspace helps you plan your daily email-sending strategies effectively. This way, you anticipate the volume of emails to be sent out within a given timeframe and ensure you scale your email communication with other recipients without issues. 

  2. Preventing Communication Disruptions: Understanding these limits helps you and your organization prevent communication hiccups or challenges and guarantees that important emails don't get lost in the mail.

  3.  Understanding Security Measures: This helps prevent the misuse or abuse of email services that could lead to potential threats, such as spamming or phishing activities.

  4. Avoiding Account Restrictions: Violating email-sending limits can result in temporary or even permanent account restrictions. This can disrupt your communication with customers and potentially ruin your reputation. These consequences can be avoided when you’re fully aware of the limits. 

  5. Optimizing Email Deliverability: Adhering to the email-sending limits allows you to optimize the deliverability of your emails. This guarantees that your messages reach your intended recipients and have a higher chance of being read and engaged with.

What happens when you exceed the Google Workspace Email-Sending Limits?

  1. Temporary or permanent account suspension: Breaching the email-sending limit on Google Workspace can have a lot of consequences. Your account can be temporarily suspended from sending emails. The temporary ban is often to prevent abuses, spam, and other activities that may compromise the security and integrity of Google Workspace and its users.  

  2. Delayed email delivery: Secondly, going beyond the email-sending limits of Google Workspace can cause delays in delivery to recipients. This doesn’t just happen when limits are exceeded but also when sent emails are almost reaching limits. This can affect user mail deliverability, and Google Workspace might treat such user emails with increased scrutiny and security measures.

  3. Reduced email deliverability: Lastly, when email sending is exceeded and delivery is slow, this affects the credibility of businesses and individuals to their recipients, causing a loss of trust. In this case, it is because excessive email sending is often treated as spam by Google. This can also affect business reputation, as delayed responses may lead to a lack of credibility in such businesses.

When the email-sending limit is breached on Google Workspace, the account is suspended. This suspension sometimes lasts for a few hours, while cases involving a violation of Google’s email-sending protocol or rule can result in a long-term suspension that may take days, months, or a complete suspension. 

In cases of suspensions, the possibility of a reset depends on the type of Google Workspace account being used. While free Google account users typically receive a daily reset on their email-sending limit after 24 hours, Google Workspace users may experience a longer reset period or have their suspension lifted based on other criteria.

To mitigate future delays or occurrences, Google may occasionally increase a user's email-sending limit following a suspension.


How to avoid exceeding the Google Workspace Email-Sending Limits

  1. Understand the Google Workspace Email-Sending limits: To avoid going over limits as a user, it is important to be familiar with the limits on Google Workspace and ensure you stay within the permissible range. This way, you can avoid running into a block or suspension.

  2. Utilize Google Drive for Large File Attachments: Consider utilizing Google Drive, especially for large file attachments. For example, if you need to share large files, using Google Drive makes such files easier to send directly to recipients. Simply attach the link in the body of the email. This not only helps in staying within the Google attachment size limits but also provides a more efficient way to share large files.

  3. Google Groups or Mailing Services for Mass Emails: Rather than sending individual emails to a large number of recipients, you can consider using other Google Workspace services such as Google Groups or external mailing services, to manage and send emails to groups of people. 

  4. Stay Updated with important information from Google: It is important to check for regular updates from Google. This way, you are abreast of important information relating to your email, and recurrent suspensions or delays that may impact your email sending.

  5. Monitor Email Sending Patterns: Regularly monitor email sending patterns, especially high volume ones. Be careful of sudden spikes in sending activity and plan accordingly to avoid going over limits. If you need to send emails in large numbers, consider spreading them over time. 

Lastly, to avoid exceeding email-sending limits, your employees should be educated on sending limits and best practices. You should ensure that everyone in the organization is aware to avoid accidental violations that could harm your business operations.

Understanding Google Workspace email-sending limits is crucial for businesses to maintain effective communication and avoid potential disruptions. To prevent suspensions, familiarize yourself with Google Workspace's terms of service and monitor daily email-sending activities.

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